Should I Repair or Replace my Auto Glass?

So where do I start? How about the basics. Do you already know them? Tough luck. I was a teacher in a previous birth. We always start with the basics. That’s how we teachers roll.

Odds are you own a motor vehicle. If you don’t, you reading this is pretty pointless. The windshield was conceptualized to protect the drivers. With more modern and sporty vehicles, it was designed to add to the vehicle’s aerodynamics. The auto glass used to be made with simple window glass. Surprise, surprise, that wasn’t a good idea. This led to the development of the material itself. Then came toughened window glass, laminated glass, and finally laminated safety glass. What is laminated safety glass? Just safety glass laminated( it’s simple English man) bonded onto the frame of the vehicle. They also absorb most of the UV rays which pass through. There are slight variations to this standard. Motorbikes use high impact acrylic plastic. What is that you ask? Fancy see-through plastic (polymer for all the o-chem nerds out there).

Now that we’ve got the boring stuff that out of the way, it’s time to get to the subject at hand. You need information on auto glass replacement and auto glass repair. There’s a difference? Yes, there is. There are limits to damage and the extent of damage that can be repaired. There is a threshold in which the auto glass can withstand. As long as the windshield is within this threshold, it is considered that to repair this would be not unsafe.

So what is this threshold that I keep speaking of? I am sorry if I built it up but, really, there isn’t much science to it. It is all intuition. Most safety associations and organized associations agree that stone damage can be successfully repaired. Linear crevices, circular bulls-eye star-shaped crevices, and all kinds of combinations of the above, in twos or in threes ( I am no mathematician or anything of the sort).

So what are the things you should factor in while choosing auto glass repair over auto glass replacement? As I’ve pointed out, the extent of damage is a factor. Money obviously is (we’ll get to that later). If you plan on doing it yourself, then one other factor that comes into play-how easy is replacing a windshield to repairing one. Let me shoot that down right away before you get your hopes up for the cheapest fix ever. I’d highly recommend you not do it yourself at your garage and get it done by professionals. The odds of you owning one of the specialist tools to get a windshield repaired are lesser than that of you winning the lottery (the most clichéd comparison, I know, I know. But I can’t help it. I genuinely believe there is not a single person on the planet who does not want to win the lottery). Modern-day windshield repair technology is amazing (yes that is a field of technology). There are people who can repair up to a sixteen-inch long crevice.
So you think you can replace the windshield yourself? Tough luck again. bonding the windshield back to the frame is a very very very very cumbersome job (I repeat for emphasis). Let’s just assume that you have somehow managed to handle the windshield without dropping it. You should now bond it to the frame which can be deemed safe by safety authorities and regulatory bodies. There are specific quality checks (SDAT and MDAT to name a couple) which are very difficult for amateurs to pass. It would be so much better (and safer) if you just leave it to the professionals.

Now the big question. Money. First and foremost, auto glass is almost always insured along with your automobile. In the case that it is not, you will have to ask yourself the big question-how much are you willing to part ways with your hard-earned money for your safety? I know the question sounds stupid, but trust me when I say this, there have been so many hours of contemplation over this.

Long story short, you are (absolutely) advised getting it fixed at a workshop or done by professionals. Too lazy? Don’t blame you. So am I. mobile auto glass repair! They will come to your house, or wherever you need them to come to, and take care of it for you. As simple as that! Make sure the vehicle is under shelter so that they can avoid any inclement weather.

You simply cannot put a price on safety my friend.

by: Edward Quincy – Auto Glass Installer